10 Exciting Features Of Desert Safari Tour
10 activities in desert dubai

Here are 1o most exciting features which make the safari a special tour

When a person plans a safari in Dubai then he gets a chance to grab as much fun as he can. However, it is advisable to go for an overnight Dubai desert safari excursion as it brings more features than other kinds of safaris. Check below 10 exciting features that are associated with an evening safari in Dubai.

1. Quad Bike Ride

A number of tour companies give tourists a chance to ride a quad bike in the vast Al-Aveer desert. Generally, this ride is the exclusive feature of a Dubai desert safari but you never hesitate to pay something extra for such an exciting activity. This ride will unlock many fun moments for you. You will be allowed 30 minutes to have around in the Dubai desert.

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2. Dune Buggy Safari

Another feature that catches the attention of thrill lovers toward safari in Dubai is the dune buggy. For your information, the buggy is a four-wheeled vehicle with two or more seats. It’s bigger and powerful than an ATV quad bike, Adventure enthusiasts can enjoy a bumpy ride in the Dubai desert.

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3. Henna Tattoos

Girls like design and painting, so they can come and get their hand-painted with henna. Henna painting is included in the safari package free for ladies and kids, Generally, there are many stalls all across your main desert camp. It’s up to you to move out and to do shopping in this local market. Henna is also known as Mehndi or Mehndi Designing.

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4. Flavor Sheesha

In order to add more fun to overnight Dubai desert safari, the tour operator offers different flavors of Sheesha smoke. It’s indeed an enjoyable experience to enjoy the taste of this water pipe.

5. Tanoura Dancing, Fire Show

A number of tour companies make arrangements for Tanoura dance. This dance is performed by a Sufi man who is named as Darwish. Every person gets mesmerized when a Darwish is changing his posture on stage. An experienced fireman will perform an amazing fire show.

tanoura dance desert show

6. Belly Dancing

Professional belly dancers are being called by tour operators just to provide the utmost entertainment to their guests. These dancers come usually from Romania and nearby countries. The way these girls move their bellies on the beat of Arabic music is quite amazing.

7. Camel Riding

If you come to Dubai and don’t do camel riding then you are somewhat unfair to yourself. You must go for an exciting camel riding experience in your life.

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8. Arabic Costume

You are free to get some Arabic costumes from a member of the Tour Company. Wear these clothes and take your unique pictures.

9. Buffet Dinner

Arabs are known for their hospitality and delicious cuisines. When you go for Dubai desert safaris then you get a chance to enjoy delicious buffet dinner in Dubai.

dinner in desert

10. Sandboarding

Get a sandboard and have fun with the amazing experience of sandboarding in the Dubai desert. You would love to slide from the soft sandy particles of the Dubai desert.

Sandboarding dubai desert safari

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