Beginner Tips: How To Easily Improve Your Golf Skills

Golf is no longer a sport limited to the elite and elderly. It is now gaining popularity among all age groups and backgrounds. It may appear very complicated to a beginner as there are quite a few rules around it and to add to that, there is the Golf Lingo too.

To those who do not know anything about golf, we are here to provide you with the basic guidelines that will give you the confidence to trot over to the golf course and swing your first shot for luxury desert safari Dubai

Golf Clubs And Balls

Nevertheless, the right equipment plays a key role while playing any sport, it doesn’t necessarily have to break your bank when you are just a beginner. Though you can carry up to 14 clubs in your bag, you can start with two or there. When considering buying them, take advantage of clubs for a beginner as they are easier to hit than the others. Look for shafts that are labeled ‘S’ which stands for stiff, as those will provide you faster swings. These will feel easier to control too. Once you get better at the game with practice, you can buy more fitting equipment for advanced golfers. You will lose your golfing balls every time you play. As a beginner, look for cheaper ones as you will be losing them often. As you get better at your game you can buy more quality balls.

Learning How To Play

When learning how to play Golf, you can get overwhelmed with loads of information available along with mind-boggling instructions you need to follow. Finding an instructor can help you speed up your training. A knowledgeable teacher who is committed to helping you learn can cut down the time you will waste while reading information manuals available. Choose a teacher which best matches your personality type. If you are a laid-back person then look for a teacher who will use a low-key approach while training you. The whole point is to feel comfortable and enjoy the learning experience.

If you have any questions, be bold enough to ask them rather than wallow on it thinking if it is a stupid thing to ask. Remember, the only bad questions are those which were never asked. Take notes of the basic key points so you can always go back to them when in doubt.

Etiquettes Of Golfing

You have learned how to play golf and are now going for your first Golfing get-together. You will be excited but at the same time nervous about what is expected from you. The first tip to follow is not to lag. The easiest way you will dampen the game is not by how you play but rather by slowing it down. Take one or two practice shots before your turn. At the same time do not hit while other golfers are playing. It would create mass confusion. Your Golfing group will generally decide who plays first and follows after that. Learn the Golf Lingo to avoid any accidents.

For example when you hear the word ‘Fore’ it means that a golfer’s shot has gone astray and may be coming in your direction. You need to get out of the way instantly. The same goes for if your short goes wrong and you have to warn the others of the danger that might be coming their way. Take care of your equipment and clear up your things after every game.

Get In Shape For Golfing

Don’t blame the golf club in your bag when you cannot accelerate the right speed when you hit the ball. Strong hamstrings and hip muscles, and a stable back are what separates a pro from a rookie player. If you want to play this game for a long time, you will have to exercise and give specific attention to the muscles which enhance your technique. You can even practice exercises while you are playing. For example, you can walk instead of riding a golf cart. You can do some dynamic stretches to prepare your muscles before you start your game. Eat food that contains more lean proteins and complex carbohydrates. Drinking a lot of water during the game will keep you hydrated.

These few tips will get you ready to enter the Golfing world as a Pro. Furthermore, don’t forget the golfing attire as some golf courses require a dress code and at the same time, comfortable clothing will help you go through the long hours of the game easily.


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