The best desert safaris in the Dubai and UAE 2022

If you’re looking for a truly unique and memorable experience, a desert safari is a must-do while in Dubai. From quad biking over sand dunes to camping under the stars to taking a sunrise hot air balloon tour, there are plenty of ways to explore the desert.

But with so many different safaris to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you?

So whether you’re looking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure or a more relaxed experience, Here’s our guide to some of the best desert safaris in the UAE. Whether you’re looking to explore Bedouin culture or take on some serious dune bashing, we’ve got you covered. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start planning your next adventure!

Best Desert Safaris In Dubai

According to our experience of 10 years and thousands of visitor reviews these are top desert safaris ranked.

55 AED Evening Desert Safari (Budget Friendly)

  • Bus Pick & Drop From Central Meeting points in Dubai
  • 20 Minutes of Dune Basing
  • Camel Ride, Sandboard, Falcon Photography
  • BBQ Dinner & Live Entertainment shows

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The budget evening desert safari in Dubai is an affordable and exciting way to explore the desert this package is Super affordable and highly reviewed. You will be picked from various central points in Dubai and will go for the desert and then experience some dune bashing on Land cruiser. Then it’s time for some sandboarding over the dunes. You can also watch the sunset at a Bedouin camp, ride a camel, BBQ Dinner, Evening entertainment also includes belly dancing and musical performances.

Premium VIP Desert Safari Package

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The most popular Dubai desert tour is VIP Desert Safari Package out there with thousands of glowing reviews from happy customers, and it’s easy to see why. You’ll get the chance to have an exciting adventure on a full day and evening in the Dubai desert. First up, you’ll be taken out of the city in a 4×4 and embark on a bit of dune bashing. There’s also the option of sandboarding. Then there’s a camp with traditional snacks, a camel ride across the sand, henna painting and the chance to meet some falcons. As night falls, you’ll enjoy a buffet BBQ and enjoy traditional performances. You’ll also get to see the stars in the clear night sky – something that’s impossible to do in the city.

Overnight Desert Safari

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The Overnight desert safari is your chance to truly experience the Dubai desert. By spending the night under the stars, you’ll be able to explore the desert in a way that few people get to experience it. You’ll start your safari with a quad bike or dune bash ride across the sand dunes. Afterwards, you can try your hand at sandboarding. Then it’s on to your campsite for the night, where you’ll be treated to a camel ride to watch the sunset. Back at the camp, you’ll enjoy traditional dance and a sumptuous dinner around the campfire. This is a truly unique way to experience the desert and one that you’ll never forget.

Morning Desert Safari

morning desert safari, early sunrise safari

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A morning desert safari in Dubai is the perfect way to start your day. With the sun just starting to peek over the horizon, you’ll have the perfect light for taking photos as you explore the sand dunes. And when you stop for a camel ride or to watch the sunrise, you’ll be treated to some of the most stunning scenery in all of Dubai.

But a morning desert safari is more than just a photoshoot. It’s an opportunity to explore the desert and learn about its unique ecosystem. You’ll also get to experience traditional desert life, like camel riding and sandboarding. And of course, the sunrise is an unforgettable experience.

What does a Dubai desert tour must include?

Actually this is the first question comes into the mind of every traveler, In short a typical Dubai desert tour usually includes a lot of activities. However, not all tours include every activity. There is a lot of mixing and matching going on. Therefore, if someone is particularly keen on doing certain things, they will want to make sure that it is included in their tour. The following are things that can be expected to be found in a good Dubai desert tour.

Dune Bashing

Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill of driving through the desert sands at high speeds? Well, now you can with Dubai’s 4×4 dune driving tours. These tours provide expert drivers who will take you on an adrenaline-pumping ride through the dunes, letting the air out of the tyres for extra traction. This is a modern Dubai experience that you won’t want to miss. as the drivers navigate the sand dunes at high speeds, the drivers must be skilled in order to avoid getting stuck. Dune bashing is a popular activity in Dubai, and one of the main activity as it offers a unique way to experience the desert.

Quad Biking and Sand Boarding

Quad biking in a desert safari tour is an exciting way to explore the desert terrain by yourself. You can navigate your way through the sand dunes, enjoying the thrill of the ride. It’s a great way to get your heart pumping and have some fun in the desert!

Sandboarding is like snowboarding, but on sand. Most desert safaris will include this experience as part of the package, providing all the necessary equipment.

Henna Painting

Are you interested in a traditional form of body art that will last for weeks? Henna painting may be perfect for you! This activity is often included in desert safaris, and it makes for a great souvenir.

Camel Ride And Falconry

Camel riding is the most traditional way to get around the desert. I wouldn’t say this is a comfortable experience, but it’s not one you’ll forget in a long time.

The ancient tradition of falcon hunting is still alive in the UAE. Safari visitors can see the skills of the trainers and the relationships between them and their birds.

Hot Air Balloon

And it’s not just for special occasions – a hot air balloon ride is the perfect way to add a little excitement to any day. Whether you’re looking for a romantic outing or a fun adventure with friends, a hot air balloon ride is sure to create lasting memories.

Amazing Sunset Views and Barbecue Dinner

There’s something about desert sunsets that are just magical. The scenery is unlike anything else and it’s the perfect way to end a day. Luckily, there are plenty of evening desert safaris from Dubai that provide this spectacle.

Looking for a unique dining experience? Why not try a barbecue dinner in the desert? Many tours include a dinner at the end of the day, where you’ll be served food in a traditional Bedouin camp. Some even include a traditional performance of music and dance.

Also, check out our guide about the best desert safari camps in Dubai and what dress to wear on a desert safari.

Thing to consider before booking your desert safari

If you’re looking for an adrenaline-pumping desert experience, look no further than a quad biking safari through the dunes! Or, if you prefer a more relaxed evening, how about spending a night under the stars in Dubai’s cold desert? For those who love the mornings, there’s nothing like watching the sunrise in the desert. And of course, no desert experience would be complete without a taste of Arabian entertainment, including belly dancing and the tanoura dance. Whatever your interests, there’s a Dubai Desert Safari experience that’s perfect for you!

Time of the day

Desert safaris in Dubai take place at different times of the day. There are morning safaris, which are primarily geared towards adventure sports with activities such as dune bashing, sand boarding and quad biking available for you to experience the thrill that the desert can offer. Evening safaris offer adventure activities as well as services such as buffet dinners, entertainment shows, henna painting or maybe even sleeping under the stars.

Level of adventure

Not all desert safaris are packed with adrenaline-pumping activities, but the ones that are tend to be the most popular. There is also a softer, more traditional side to desert safaris, where you can relax in a desert camp as the sun sets over the dunes, try on traditional Arabic dresses, get a temporary henna tattoo, smoke some sheesha and enjoy a delicious dinner. Know what you’re looking for before you buy your tickets.


Any trip is successful only if you’re able to experience all that’s on offer without overspending or crossing your budget. To make your trip to the Dubai desert successful, look out for tours that offer discounts. For instance, Dubai Adventures, an online concierge for fun activities and things to do in Dubai, offers great discounts on a range of desert-themed activities.