The Best Local Dishes to Eat In Dubai
Best local dishes to eat in Dubai

A comprehensive guide for food lovers in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most popular destinations for shopping and exciting adventures. With rich culture and history, this cosmopolitan city has many things to offer more than great shopping experiences. Apart from desert safari deals, you must try unique local dishes that you can find in any Dubai restaurant to know how flavourful the Arabic food is. Usually, Dubai’s traditional foods are rich in spices and flavors. Rice and meat are mainly found in many Dubai meals. Other than local Dubai delicacies cooked with rice or meat, you also need to try camel milk, which is easy to purchase from any supermarket or taste at your hotel.


Among the many flavourful dishes that you can find in Dubai, below are the top five dishes that you must try to experience the flavors of Arabic food. There are many Dubai restaurants where you can easily taste these local dishes. Be sure to visit both high-end restaurants and also the normal ones to make your food experience more exciting!


If you visit any Middle East country, then you should taste Kebabs. Kebabs are basically barbecued meat inserted on skewers. Usually, kebabs are served with chargrilled vegetables and other sides such as plain rice or flatbread. You will enjoy the flavors of spices together with the taste of meat on the skewers while enjoying other sides. Finding delicious kebab is not that difficult in Dubai as most restaurants include this signature dish on their menus.

Best local dishes to eat in Dubai


Although hummus is not the main dish, this delicious and flavorful dip made using chickpeas is another signature dish that you can find in Dubai. Therefore, to experience the flavors and food culture of Dubai, you must try Hummus during your stay in this beautiful country. Usually, hummus is served with pita bread or Shawarma.

Al Harees

Al Harees is another must-try food in Dubai which is cooked with meat and wheat. Al Harees is a popular Arabian dish during Ramadan and other festive occasions. Therefore, if you visit Dubai during Ramadan or any festive season, you will surely get the chance to taste Al Harees. Other than that, Al Harees is also served at weddings.

shwarma in dubai

Al Mach boos

Al Machboos is another flavourful dish in Dubai that is also a traditional dish. Rice, meat, lemon, and onions are the main ingredients to cook Al Mach boos. Though the recipe of Al Machboos sounds like Indian Biriyani, this is a bowl of entirely different rice and meat dishes popular in Arabian countries. During your Dubai visit, you can easily find Al Machboos in restaurants and you will not forget the taste even after leaving Dubai.


Shawarma is popular in many Asian countries, but you can easily taste this in Dubai as it is one of the most famous foods. Usually, Shawarma is a delicious filling served with Arabic Roti. These filings inside Shawarma can be pickles, tomatoes or even fries. You can taste different flavors of Shawarma during your stay in Dubai, making it an awesome trip to enjoy!

Although there are many different foods that you can enjoy in Dubai, the above are the must-try foods that can make your Dubai adventure fruitful. With excitement about visiting popular Dubai attractions, you can satisfy your food cravings with these popular dishes. You will surely have a memorable holiday in Dubai when both food and adventure are exciting!

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