Camping and BBQ dinner cooking in deserts of UAE
bbq dinner in arabian night desert safari camp

Why go outdoors often for adventure camping and cooking

We all want to make last meal of our day very special. We often suggest our beloved ladies cook something different and new. Sometimes these ladies get bored and force us to go outside dining. When it comes to some amazing places of dinner then you shouldn’t miss BBQ dinner in Dubai desert. Dining experience during Dubai desert safari cannot be explained in words. Enjoying a dinner in desert camp under the starry sky will be best experiences of your life.

It is always advisable to search the best Dubai tour company before you book any special Dubai desert safari tour. The reason is that market is saturated with a number of tour operators; some offer you the best deal while others just want to grab your money. So, when you fully search a company and the details of safari in Dubai then it becomes quite simple for you to locate the best company in an effortless manner. You earn money in a very hard way, therefore try to show your concern about the services that you get in exchange for money.


Desert safari Dinner main courses

Live BBQ Cooking on BONFIRE:

Barbeque Station, Seekh Kebab, Chicken Tikka, Barbeque Chicken, Fried Fish.

Main Dishes:

Zeera Rice, Vegetable Biryani Rice, Steam Vegetables, Chana Masala Curry, Mix Vegetables Curry, Noodles, Daal (lentils)

Starters and Appetizers:

Cold Drinks starts with Starters, Starters, French Fries, Arabic Sweet (Luqaimat), Vegetable Samosa.

Salads and Sweets:

Hummus, Russian Salad, Macaroni, Arabic Pickle & Indian Pickle, Chickpeas, Arabian dates,  Koslo, Lettuce, Mint Sause, Yogurt

Once you locate the best tour company in Dubai, next thing to do is to check the complete details of Desert Safari Deals in Dubai. Usual features accompany with this kind of safari are pick and drop facility, dune bashing, sand boarding, henna painting, desert camp stay and sumptuous dinner. It is better for you to get a complete package instead of focusing only on dinner. The reason is that this tour will turn to a picnic party when you have a complete feature. Every member of your family will be able to grab fun through sand skiing and dune bashing. When it comes to ladies, they will be able to get their hand-painted with eye-catching henna designs. After taking part in such activities, every person will feel appetite.

Desert safari Sharjah dinner is usually being served at 8:00 P.M. Before this time, you are able to take part in as many activities as you want. A buffet style dinner is being served by expert staff. The menu of buffet dinner comprises of vegetables and non-vegetable cuisines. It never remains the same. The reason is that the guests come from the different region of the world. Usually, tour operator decides a menu depending on number and type of guests. However, he normally offers Arab cuisines as he wants to introduce them to the taste of his local region. You can also find Continental and international cuisines on the menu.


If you need a change in your life then you should go for desert safari in Dubai. You would definitely love the taste of cuisines that are being cooked by expert Arab chefs.

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