What is the cost of desert safari per person
cost of desert safari price

Desert safari Dubai cost per person

in this article, we will provide complete information about cost and expenditure of desert safari Dubai per person you will have to pay. Desert safari is emerging as one of the most favorite attractions for locals as well as foreigners. VIP desert safari with home pickup and waiter service costs around AED 1000 for a family of five to enjoy every single thrilling and an unforgettable bit of desert safari from dune bashing, a rollercoaster ride on off-roader and photo halts to ecstatic Tanura and hot and sizzling barbeques.

However, the costly desert safari Dubai cost per person varies from 30 AED to 250 AED according to package and it becomes quite budget-friendly owing to the desert safari deals. A bus pickup safari brings down the fare half in most of the cases. The cost of a safari trip per person, for instance, is cut to 55 AED from originally 200 AED.

Tariff of desert safari packages per person

S/N Type Price
1 Direct Entry Ticket 30 AED
2 Bus Package3 55 AED
3 Vip Safari Tour 130 AED
4 Safari with quad bike 250 AED

The average cost of desert safari Dubai per person is

  • Direct entry: 30 AED
  • Bus package: 55 AED
  • Vip safari cost: 130 AED
  • Safari with quad bike per person: 250 AED

If you have your own car for transportation its even drops down to 40 AED, The only thing is that you will have to arrive at the meeting point by self-drive desert safari after that whole tour is same, you can call our representative 0525170968 to get the meeting point location.

In this post, we will try to answer the question which people may ask

How much does a desert safari cost in Dubai?

You may find a number of daily deals and discount vouchers by following our social platforms, which has its own distinguishable charms for safari aficionados. Dubai Adventures social pages aim to provide a variety of bargains on the fun-filled activities.

desert safari dubai cost per person

So what is the price of desert safari you will have to pay? What do you do in desert safari? This tour offers you six hours of wholesome enjoyment with a plethora of activities on the Arabian deserts. Desert safari is a bit of heart-thumping adventure, cultural activities, and a beautiful dinner date amidst the sand dunes under the stars.

The payment you are paying for the safari tour includes all activities.

Whether you are exploring the gold-colored dunes by driving deep into them or having the experience of your life while watching the sunset in the desert; the sceneries of the desert safari will be etched forever in the panorama of your mind. It will leave you with a beautiful memory for you to cherish forever.

But one simple thing that everybody wants to be aware of before boarding, is the desert safari Dubai cost per person. Here, you need to always remember one thing that the cost can vary from one agency to another. However, we can provide you with a standard rate; so that you get an idea of what rate to expect exactly for these safaris. But before we move on with rates; let us first see what types of desert safaris available in Dubai.

The rate of desert safari includes all expenditures in the camp.

Actually, there are three different desert safaris. Feeling a bit confused? Well, in Dubai the agencies offer you morning safari, evening safari and overnight safari on the desert. However, the evening safari is the one that attracts the people most since it comes with a plethora of other attractions apart from just driving through the mighty dunes of Arabian Desert.

The desert safari Dubai cost per person actually starts from 30AED for the evening safari. Here, you must note that this is the lowest standard price available since the price varies according to the package that the agency offers. The cost of the safari depends on the vehicle that you choose a number of people who are with you in a group and the side activities included in the package.

So, why wait any further? Stop worrying over cost per person and explore the enchanting deserts of Arabia, maybe not on Aladdin’s magic carpet but in the best cars to have the best time of your life

Detailed Information Of Safari Tour

Dubai is of course not the only place that sees a flurry of tourists gathering in the city to depart for deserts in its outskirts, but other emirates too exert a pull on trippers because of having the quaint sand world. The capital emirate of Abu Dhabi is rather game for growing numbers of tourists desiring for spending day or night in the majestic sand world.

Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA) has chalked out the regulations that ensure trippers to enjoy certain facilities at the campsite. Quality food, environmental obligations, and outdoor fun activities are the criteria that tour operators have to meet to qualify for municipality-approved designation.

Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, the Dubai government’s authority that issues licenses to tour operators, is also putting in the same efforts to provide as many facilities to the tourists as possible and ensure authentic Emirati desert safari. After all, tourism is a very important economic sector and contributes 20 percent to Dubai’s gross domestic product.

Growing interest

Why do people take so much interest in desert safari is the fascination attached to it for not less than six to eight hours. Depending on the package, the duration can extend to 12 hours and overnight stay. Evening desert safari begins normally at four in the afternoon and continues to greet picnickers till 10 at night. Dubai desert safari is popular for its back to back entertainment and recreation.

Generally, it starts with pickup from the designated point. A rollercoaster ride on 4×4 in the cottony desert along with sand surfing or skiing is the first mood changing the experience for trippers, who are greeted with the welcome snacks like delectable falafels upon reaching Bedouin style campsite.

While people recline on the comfy cushions, traditional shows like whirling dervish ecstatic display or Tanura entertain them. Females can get henna designed on their palms and hands as the lavish barbeque is ready to be served with soft drinks. Some tour operators also include fresh fruits and desserts beside foods and other things in a desert safari Dubai.

Perhaps nowhere else can a person enjoy so much mesmerizing rustic ambiance and outdoor funs and have an action-packed and a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of Dubai.

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