Essential Accessories Every Kayaker Should Have

If you have been looking for some amazing outdoor activities to unwind and invigorate, try kayaking. Kayaking has become a popular hobby for most guys in the world today. It’s not limited to a specific few. Whether you are a racer, camper, or fisherman, it works for anyone who loves the company of waters. It provides breathtaking moments in the masses of water while offering peace of mind as you break from the monotony of the busy world. This is not to mention how it benefits your body, considering that it is a nice form of physical exercise. Kayaking has a wide range of benefits to your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Considering the highlighted (and more) benefits, the thought of owning a kayak is not only exhilarating but fulfilling. Choosing the right kayak can be a complex task, but it is one of the first things you need to do to enjoy the activity. But with the array of choices in the market, you can get bemused when picking the right option. Kayaks are suited for many purposes, ranging from recreational to fishing needs. Inflatable kayaks are also available, making them easy to carry when deflated.

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Once you have chosen the right kayak for your needs, the work is not yet done. You have to choose your gear right, and ensure you get the essential accessories needed for the activity. Here are some essential accessories you should always have as a kayaker.

  1. Paddles

Paddles are like the engine for the kayak. You cannot go kayaking without a paddle. They come in different sizes and designs. While buying paddles, it all trickles down to how you want them to work for you. Get a light, not too large paddle, which can swing forth and back easily creating steadiness and thrust in the water. It should be buoyant, so you can grab it easily if it slips from your hands. The better the quality of your paddle, the more entertaining your adventure will get.

  1. Kayak Hoist

Not all kayakers live near a water body. This means that to enjoy the activity, you will have to lift and transport the vessel to the river, lake, or sea whenever you need a good dose of water sports. Once you are done for the day, it also means that you will need appropriate storage space in your home for your kayak. To save you from all the lifting, this is where a kayak lift system comes in handy. Choosing the best hoist for your kayak will help make the activity easier, convenient, and more enjoyable. It will also help save storage space while preventing damage to your dear vessel. Some factors to consider when choosing a kayak hoist include

  • Size
  • Design
  • Features
  • Price
  1. Helmet

The helmet is definitely a crucial piece of equipment when kayaking. It protects the skull from many dangers like head injuries, which may occur when kayaking in raging waters. Especially when kayaking in active waters, it must be worn in all weather conditions because you don’t know when or where the tides may decide to challenge you the most.

  1. Life Jackets

Kayaking is a healthy exercise. It helps in improving your general overall health. It’s a safe way of traveling across open waters. A life jacket is one of those absolute necessities you will require before hitting the waters. It’s a self-rescue gadget. In case of the unexpected and you happen to fall in the water you can get back into your kayak. It keeps you safe and afloat. Buy a model with many pockets where you can stuff in a snack to munch if you get famished.

  1. Dry Bag

Kayaking is always a thrilling excitement. Lately, it has become a favorite sporting activity for many. A storage bag is an essential piece that you must carry with you before cruising the waters. It comes in handy in that it helps you keep your indispensable items stay dry and safe. It gives you serenity knowing that you are all prepared for whatever Mother Nature might throw your route. The bag keeps your needed items like your cell phone, dry, safe, and in perfect condition.

  1. Whistle

Safety must always be prioritized before embarking on kayaking to ensure you have a successful water experience. Whether you are cruising around a river, lake, or ocean, while kayaking you need to be prepared for the unexpected. A whistle is an essential communication gadget that should be tucked around your neck every time. It commands help and attention in case of an emergency while at the waters. It’s super loud and can signal the rescuers that you need help.

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Kayaking is one fulfilled outdoor activity. It’s an awesome way of mucking around, splashing about, and having some crazy fun in the waters. To comfortably battle and thrive your way through the water currents, there are essentials that you need when kayaking. They ease your life while keeping you entertained and comfortable. The above are just a few that you ought to know about and acquire.


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