4 Exciting Water Sports in Dubai for a Memorable Adventure

Those who plan to spend incredible adventure vacations in Dubai must be ready to explore something new than the skyscraper-filled skyline. The glitter spreading coastline of the city has become an option for parasailing, kayaking, and many other exciting water sports vibrantly.

We all have an insane craving to set a Desert Safari, Dune Bashing, Sand Skidding, and Fat Tire Bike adventures in the Arabian deserts of Dubai. Because, without these adventurous hangouts, the trip to this magnificent city is incomplete.

But be prepared to hear a bit more epic out there! 

Many recent improvements in Dubai tourist destinations have bought amazing water bodies where many water babies have opportunities to make an exciting holiday. Apart from the naturally flowing sea of Arabia, the water parks are artificially designed in such a way that they are enough to support all types of water sports. You would amaze how convenient they are to maintain your kayaking route and uplift the height of fly-boarding.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Let’s crack out the most exciting water sports in Dubai, which are ready to bring you to the world of water adventures. Whether you are a newbie or an expert with a knack for sportsmanship, these water sports are inexpensive and enchanting through their rides. Hence your holidays are more delighted and in easy-cost, over the exciting variety of water frolics.


kayaking dubai

Kayaking is a holiday and unbending water recreation that you can tackle if you don’t possess any earlier sense. If you’re seeking the ‘top-drawer spots to kayak in Dubai,’ we hold more than single locations for kayaking, where you can luxuriate in your passion for the oceans, flows, and water games. Smashing in kayaking movements in the UAE is low-priced access to beat the heat, and this activity further leads you nearer to the amazing scenes from the Dubai beaches. As experts on this topic over at kayakfeature.com explain, a detailed guide and essential tips on kayaking, we recommend to checkout before going on a trip if you are a beginner.

However, some well-featured places, specifically come for kayaking in Dubai, are as follows:

Kite Beach

The kite beach is famous for kitesurfing and kayaking fun. Many people from different countries especially come to this beach to experience a never-forgetting kayaking journey that brings you above the water and inside the gulf of warm and fresh wind. Because this beach is also Dubai Surfski Kayaking Club, so those who don’t know where to start kayaking could get single and in-group kayaking and kitesurfing lessons.

Hatta Dam

The Hatta Dam seems perfect for individual kayaking dive and group kayaking adventures. The Hajar Mounts’ high tops enclose it, and the blue seas are an untarnished eyesore to see. Set your trip on Hatta Dam, which is pocket-friendly, and have a good holiday!

Jet Skiing

The mellow Arabian sea and unimaginable constructive city-side convert Dubai as a groove of the one-in-a-million stations of Jet Skiing worldwide. Jet skiing is the best option for speedy water sports lovers; as it encompasses your skills with the coordination of leg muscles. For understating the mechanism behind Jet Skiing, there’s no specific need for training. These supportive locations in Dubai offer clear-cut water adventures that will lead you to directly sit over your jet ride and have a 30 to hours-long tour to explore the city architectural examples at the backdrop.

Which place is perfect for Jet Ski in Dubai?

La Mer Beach

If you desire to choose a seaside for fearless water games in Dubai, the La Mer boardwalk should surely be at the peak of your listing. Its beautiful and vibrant scenery from the backdrop makes it Insta-friendly. Aside from an excellent station to jet ski in Dubai, La Mer holds different recreation opportunities as well. There are plenty of stylish hotels and many local shops that bring you more comfort for having an exciting holiday!

JBR Public Beach

JBR station is a popular spot for jet skiing in Dubai. Nearer to the exclusive Jumeirah Beach this public beach exists that has the calmest snack bars and modish local vents. It is finest for jet skiing as the backdrop gives a spectacular view of Dubai’s core attractions.


Flyboarding is an unusual and fantastic water fun sport, and in Dubai, this thrill is attracting more extra circles of enthusiasts, seeking an unbeaten amount of pleasure and excitability. With Flyboarding, you can drift like an independent fowl and complete amazing stunts involving back-flip and hop in the air.

It is a foot-mounted slat that gets after an engineered wake-board—the wake-board links to the Jet-ski power generating machine via a 60ft pipe.

If you are a beginner and have no prior experience, then get the professional instructions available alongside that will assist you in assuming the method. By enduring an expert guideline, you can glide over Dubai’s sparkling seas through flyboarding and dip in the beautiful landscapes in space pretty indescribably. Consist on your proficiency; you can fall into the sea like Dolphin and jump out over the surface again. That’s the actual thrill hidden inside a flyboarding adventure, to make your holiday more interesting!

Fly Fishing

Fly fishing will be truly unique for you as it’s a windy sport to exist in water bodies. This sport has a better place in Dubai as the wind is pretty supportive of encouraging inflatable’s connected with speedy boats and having an incredible experience for riders. These inflatable usually has an E-shape on which two to three persons can ride following the associated boat. Don’t be afraid!! It’s just amazing.

The ocean of Arabia, which coastlines Dubai, brings immense moderate wind to move the Fly Fish activity rightly. Your thrill and excitement will become doubled, and your face can access the direct exposure to the lightened weight of air with the borderline views from Dubai. You are all safe over fly fishing scat, and it moves thoroughly. It is one of the pickiest options that you would prefer to choose first, as it’s cost-efficient and doesn’t miss the adventure element.


Dubai is a wondrous Capital with enormous towers, the highest construction and greatest hotel in the World, with World’s most extensive Shopping Centers, harmonies, sports contests, displays, artificially designed ski hills, endless sands, and many astonishing locations. Among these all specifications that you can pick for holidays, water sports are exceptionally popular. In options, you have many water-sports in which kayaking, fly fishing, and fly boarding will never let you dull. Rock these summer holidays with exciting water adventures!


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