Qualifications and Rough Guides for a Bareboat Charter

Bareboat sailing is looked at as one of the most thrilling ways to go on an adventure into the sea. But, without consideration of fundamental forces of nature, like weather, rough sea waves, strong winds, sailing can soon turn very unpleasant. A bareboat means simply a yacht charter without any crew. These are for those individuals who prefer to do all by themselves and want to be alone during the trip. Some people go on a sailing trip to relax and be in solitude as well. In most of the places like Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, Caribbean you can find small solo-luxury yacht or bareboat charter at affordable prices.

You Need to be Well Prepared

A single person or a couple of you in the sea without any prior experience is not a vacation. It is an emergency. In order to take up independent bareboat charters, you need to show that one or a couple of you are qualified enough. Without these licenses, you cannot even hire a charter much less venture out into the sea. These safety regulations are imposed by port authorities at various travel destinations. In some parts, they are the same while in many countries you can find additional rules.

  • You will need a minimum of a Day Skipper Practical Certificate or an ICC.
  • You will need an additional VHF license in Croatia which shows your competency in operating radios.
  • These licenses are offered by other organizations as well like RYA. In most countries, these are accepted.

There are other qualifications apart from steering a yacht such as medical competence, knowledge of the water, the local routes, navigation capabilities and more. Then, there is experience. Even with a license, you must have a reasonable experience to venture out in new areas.

Some Offer Day Licensing at the Ports

When you arrive at a destination you can keep some days for completing your RYA Day Skipper course and qualify. If you’re keen on sailing independently then you should consider getting the qualification and spending a few weeks gaining some experience before planning your vacation. If you’re alone in the group with any experience it might also suffice at some places. For example, Greek will require a second person with a mandatory skipper license.

  • These licensing and qualification measures are for safety and regulatory requirements.
  • You can obtain a skippers course from Sunny Greek Islands for example, and go out on your own. Though, having at least a skipper helps.

Following a rough guide, one must know more than just steering or sailing. With proper guidance from a sailing holiday planner, you can choose a proper route that will make your vacation worth memorable and a lot more fun. It is much better to stick to standard routines unless you are a real professional. Even as a professional, the holiday is about relaxing and not spending time running from the engine room to the sails back and forth over and over again. A crewed charter is one of the best for family trips.


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