How to Save Money on Your Travels

Traveling is great for your mind, body, and soul, but it’s not always as kind on the bank balance. While you might dream of getting night trains through Europe or climbing to the peak of faraway mountains, in reality, you need a decent amount of savings to explore the world. There are ways of reducing how much you need, though, and with enough knowledge and experience, you could massively reduce the price of your travels.

Write a Day to Day Budget

Rather than setting out a budget for the month or even the week, start figuring out exactly how much money you need day by day. This way, you won’t overestimate how much you need for the days when you’re cooking for yourself and only leaving your accommodation for a walk. To do this, you’ll need to get into the habit of planning your weeks in advance.

Book Flights in Advance

While you can find great last-minute flight deals, it’s better not to rely on them, as you could end up spending way more than you need to. Find the sweet spot for booking flights online and do it in advance every single time to ensure you never pay more than you need to. If you’re only traveling for a short while, make sure you book your airport parking Newark, too.

Stay in Hostels

Hotels provide luxury, and bed and breakfasts give a feel of home, but neither is as cheap as a hostel. While not for everyone, hostels are perfect for those who want to travel cheaply and love meeting other people. Just be sure to check the reviews beforehand!

Travel Together

Travelling is cheaper together, so invite your friends along with you while you explore the world. Not only will you find better deals as a pair or a group, but you’ll probably have more fun sharing the experience with those you love.

Work as You Go

If you have the opportunity to earn money from your laptop, then why not do so while traveling? You might not be able to spend every minute soaking up the different cultures, but you will have more money to enjoy the scenery when you finish for the day. If the idea of being cooped up in a hostel or hotel room while working doesn’t appeal, you can always make the most of the local cafes.

Avoid the Busy Months

Before traveling to a country, check when their busiest tourist months are and avoid going during that time. By avoiding the crowds, your flights and hotels will be cheaper; plus, you’ll get to meet more locals than tourists.

Look Out for Free Activities

While a lot of traveling is expensive, you’ll discover many free adventures if you look hard enough. There are plenty of free museums, art galleries, and nature reserves to explore, so focus on finding experiences that don’t cost money.

Saving money while traveling doesn’t have to mean you miss out on all the fun. By being smart with your money, you can have the time of your life without spending your life savings.


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