What Do With Luggage While Looking for Accommodation

Ah, your luggage! Bulky, shaped awkwardly, clunky, and more often than not, not as attractive as Pinterest made you believe. And, unless it’s some vintage or classic suitcase, having it around while you comb the city for accommodation is not as cool as you’d want. Whether you’re a regular traveler or a once a year traveler, you have the precious bag that you travel with. 

And, you need a convenient and safe spot where you will store the massive suitcase as you move around France running errands. You need to be organized and creative.  And, since we understand the strange satisfaction that comes with getting to the hotel, unpacking your suitcase, and finding all your items in place, we have prepared a list of secure and convenient tips for storing your luggage, regardless of size.

Line of Sight

We know what you’re thinking; it’s nearly impossible to always have your bag insight when traveling. But, you can protect your bag better when you have an eye on it. Ad as the saying goes, that which is out of sight is out of mind. So, if you have to leave the suitcase unattended, try not to break eye contact with it. While it’s unlikely, if someone grabs your bag, then you can see them on the spot and chase them down. 

Luggage Storage Services

The rich artifacts at the Art Ludique museum or the peaceful walk at the Coulée Verte are magical. The story of the Jardin des Plantes and the allure of Petit Bain provide an experience of France like no other.  But, experiencing these magical spots with your four-wheeled suitcase in tow takes the magic away. According to the review at https://stasher.com/fr/consigne-bagages/paris/gare-de-lyon, they recommend that you keep your luggage in a safe and secure storage location and get to experience France in its purest form.  Luggage storage services allow you the luxury and flexibility of exploring the city more freely. The benefits of these services are endless. 

Without having suitcases, you get to skip some of the security check process present at these tourist attractions. You are freer to explore multiple hotels looking for suitable accommodation without having to worry about dragging your three suitcases along. We know the death glares that many bags get at the subway- you get to avoid them. But most importantly, luggage storing services allow you to have the peace of mind you need exploring the city knowing that your bags are safe and secure. 

Have Tamper Proof Luggage

Packing for the trip abroad for the holidays is one thing. But, having the right bag for the trip is a whole different thing. Be sure to invest in tamper-proof luggage to ensure the safety of your belongings. Tamper-proof bags use hasps instead of zippers, or the zippers are anti-puncture. Also, most of them are anti-slash. Having anti-slash luggage gives you the confidence you need to walk around in a new city. 

Criminals are always revving up their game and have figured out a way of circumventing the locks in most bags. They puncture the zippers to gain access to your bag, and they have been on it for decades. The locks are pushed to the side with something as simple as using their teeth and the bag opens. Therefore, anti-puncture zips will provide the security you need when moving around the city.

Unorthodox Places for Storing Your Valuables

You might want to get ahead of the criminals and hide your valuables in unorthodox places. Criminals know the most common places valuables are kept anyway. For instance, if you’re traveling with cash, stash it in the pocket of one of the clothes and folds it up just like the rest of the clothing. Remember, looking inconspicuous is the goal here. Also, you could hollow out some toiletry supplies to store the cash.  

Thing is, you want your valuable items in places that are overlooked by criminals as you go out and about your business. This is especially useful if you store your luggage in safes and locks. Most safes and locks are not burglary proof. And, criminals know where to look when they gain access to your bag. Trick them by concealing your valuables in overlooked spots.  But carrying your bag or using safer storage options will save you this hassle, Check the safari category for booking various safaris in Dubai.

Not only are these tips useful for travelers, but they also come in handy for locals seeking to enjoy happy hour without having to worry about their bags or briefcase. Be sure to utilize them so you would have a fun and memorable experience traveling around.


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