Maldives Luxury Holiday Experiences

The Maldives could be the most happening place on earth as far as vacationing is concerned. You can have some Maldives luxury holiday experiences, but before that, you should know about the activities you can opt for.

1. Enjoy a dive into the Muraka Undersea villa

The Muraka at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is the first undersea villa of the world. The guests will have a fabulous experience both above and below the Indian Ocean at a time. This undersea residence is an enticing space to sleep below the water. This undersea bedroom is planted 5 meters below sea level and provides some exclusive uninterrupted views undersea. The Muraka can accommodate up to nine guests at a time.

2. Deep flight adventure

You can have a dive underwater with ‘Fly’, a personal submarine exploring the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. You will love the venturesome experience of gliding deep into the sea and observing the plethora of sea creatures like colorful fishes, coral formation, dolphins, turtles, sharks and many more. With a professional pilot at your side, you will be gleaming over the wonderful sea life; feel your life no lesser exciting than the mermaids.

3. Jet Ski safari

Visit Kudadoo if you want to experience a slice of paradise and go for a valorous Jet Ski safari. The Maldives is all water everywhere; 90 percent water and 10 percent land. You will feel more alive with all the water sport activities. Feel your hair against the beautiful backdrop.

4. Big Game fishing

If you are fond of catching fishes, then you must experience the Big Game which is a big attraction in the Maldives. This is a private adventure and you have the opportunity of catching fishes from a luxury boat having all types of modern facilities. This will be a fulfilling experience and you’ll have all sorts of big catches like sailfish, shark, large jacks, blue marlin, giant barracuda, and many more. While your return asks your resort chef to turn your catch to a sumptuous meal.

5. Renting a private Island

The Maldives is all about the island, and you ca do the best by hiring an island; the most decadent and unfettered experience. Well, you may hire an island meant for you as a couple or maybe for the family. This would be a rejuvenating experience staying in an isolated place and rediscovering yourself. You can get into these islands maybe within 40 minutes of getting to a charter flight. Private island tours are considered the voyage of the rich and famous.

6. Luxury Yacht cruise

One of the most coveted attractions of Maldives is touring on a luxury yacht. This is an unraveling experience while you can have the pleasure of hiring your own captain, chef and hospitality staff. Say, you want to take a group of friends off for a vacation for the occasion of your anniversary or birthday, this could be a stupendous idea. Sail off the remotest of places with your entire team; just a feeling next to a dream.

7. Ice skating

If you are fond of sports and want an exclusive experience, then opt for an ice skating rink. The rink is eco-friendly and enables the guests to have a fabulous skate while observing the turquoise blue ocean water. Nothing could beat the experience while the sun shines bright overhead making the water sparkle flawlessly. This would serve the motive of a romantic gateway or even an exotic destination.

8. Playing golf

If you are fond of playing golf, then the lush green islands of Maldives along with the Prussian blue sky at the backdrop would be a fond remembrance. You will get many resorts having the facility of 6-hole course. You will have the privilege of practicing in the enchanting existing flora thereby highlighting the gleaming ocean and a scenic walking path.

9. Blackwater diving

If you are fond of experiencing an adrenaline rush while diving deep into the waters, then try this Blackwater diving activity. This occurs in the mid of the ocean while divers drift with the current in mid-water. Divers get guided by a string of LED lighting attached vertically to a rope while you may see micro creatures, emerging vertically from the ocean in search of food, one of the greatest migration on the planet.

10. Luxury wedding

Plan your wedding at this authentic destination, while you can choose to have the perfect turquoise blue backdrop and chant your wedding vows. There is no place so perfect as the Maldives where the white sands and the deep blue sea could be the perfect dream backdrop for the most auspicious occasion of life.


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