Old Cairo Night Life
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Experience The Night Life In Old Cairo

During day time the city of Cairo offers countless number of Monuments and artifacts located in the Egyptian museum, the Giza pyramid complex and old Cairo dating back to more than 5000 years spinning from the ancient Egyptian times to the Greco-Roman period to the Coptic era to the Islamic age to witness, but during night time it is a different story. So believe during the night the city just goes to sleep, but they are deeply wrong as it transforms to the most exciting hub for awesome nightlife. the city is packed with a wide range of highly entertaining activities.

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There are many bars located across Cairo and casinos in most of the five-stars hotels despite the county being Predominantly Islamic. The city is also is filled with many nightclubs that offer the wildest nightlife in the heart of one of the oldest cities on the planet. If you desire to experience a different form of art then an oriental belly dancing show that dates back the times of Pharaohs as a form of celebratory ritual. Accompanied with the belly dancing show is the whirling dervishes which are a ritual spinning dance filled with marvelous colors which were used to worship God.

Felluca by Night and Dinner Cruise

The night time in Cairo is quite magical and even more beautiful if you choose to ride a Nile cruise Felluca . The journey across the Nile is an enchanting experience as you get to watch the sun melt into the horizon and all of Cairo’s monuments sparkle and glow like jewels in the night sky and wear them call your name in the most hypnotic sound. ¬†There is also chance the board a dinner cruise at night and dine in the beauty of the night with some of the most delicious cuisines.


Muizz Street

When you set foot in Cairo, one of your main destinations should be the Al-Muizz street which contains the greatest concentration of medieval treasures in the Islamic world and one of Egypt’s greatest Islamic open Museum. The charming Muizz street was built by 969 AD and holds many castles and mosques the features the masterful architecture design of the Ayubid, Mumluk and Ottoman dynasties.

Al Muizz Street Cairo

Pyramids Sound and Light Show

One of Cairo’s most famous monuments is the sound and light of the pyramids as colored lights with recorded voices of these amazing monuments and the full history of the great pyramids of Giza. it will feel like the monument has come back to life and begin to tell their story.

Giza Pyramids Sound and Light Show