How to plan your travel budget as a student?

How to plan your travel budget as a student?

Being a student comes with lots of advantages and disadvantages. One day you are rushing through to reach your due dates and one day you are confused with why you are even doing this. I want to say, I have been a student for a tremendous part of my life, and trust me, I know what it is like being a student and having all these deals with yourself about your student life. As I mentioned before, there are lots of advantages and disadvantages of being a student. I would like to list all these for you – so we can understand each other better. My recommendation is before I even start to this blog post, as you might have already known it is going to be about traveling on a student budget, you should better ask yourself if I need sincere and trustful information or just a regular article you might encounter on the internet. Here we go, my friend, if you chose the first option, the only thing you are going to do is to believe me!

As promised, I am going to elaborate on my experience with what kind of advantages and disadvantages comes with student life. However, if you are keen on planning your travel and start your trip as soon as possible, you may skip this part.

Advantages of being a student:

  1.  It is easy to make friends. Hey buddy, do not come with all these introvert stuff, being rather different than school, college is something good-natured. You will get to know people who like the same music, food, books, and sport as you like.
  2. Networking. A lot of friends mean a huge network. You will have the opportunity to know the future’s best people in their field.
  3. Being a student equals to being social. Apart from all these friends’ chambers, you will have the opportunity to join university clubs. You will gain experience in your field without even having an actual job and degree.
  4. Discounts. I guess this is the best and relevant part to our main topic of today’s blog post. For your information, I am going to give you full information on student discounts that are travel-related in this blog post later.

Disadvantages of being a student:

  1. Finance. This seems to be a problem for most of us in our lives. However, in student life, you will experience financial problems more than the later part of your life.
  2. Exams. I am going to tell you that this is the most-hated part of student life. Well, I do not have any data; however, it is obvious for all of us, I guess, right?
  3. Planning. Most students do not have any idea about how to organize their student life and as well as their future careers. This seems to me as a disadvantage. However, you may join online classes and easily learn about time and organization management.
  4. Discrimination. Well, it is an obvious case that we cannot act like it does not happen. Universities and colleges are combinations of different cultures, backgrounds, and tastes. My recommendation is not to take this as a disadvantage for yourself and build your environment with people who have common sense and are friendly against everyone.

Well, guys, this is not all we can list the advantages and disadvantages of being a student. However, I feel like some of you are already exhausted about all this information above. Before you get mad at me, let us start giving tips on how to travel on a student budget. Here are my tips on how to plan your travel budget as a student.

Planning your travel ahead

My first tip on how to plan your travel budget as a student starts with planning itself. As a wise man once said, planning is the key to everything. Even if you do not have any budget constraints, you still need to plan your travel to make it more pleasant and memorable for you. Going for a vacation spontaneously would only be pleasant if you do not have anything left to do. However, having budget-friendly travel planning is going to help you way more than you can think of. Starting from the time you are going to travel to which destination plays a huge part in your budget. As a student, you want to spend your holiday with the minimum amount possible. The minimum budget, maximum quality is our motto. For that reason, I am going to give you things you need to consider in your budget-friendly travel planning below. Have fun reading and implementing!

Time of the year

To have an amazing journey, to choose the suitable time of the year is very crucial. Deciding on which day and month best suits you and your budget, will help you reduce the money you need to spend on your vacation. Our key point here is arranging everything from down to the top and deciding the time of the year according to your travel destination as well. Talking of travel destination, likewise, let us give you a few hints on that.

Travel destination

One of the key parts of traveling is going to a place which you prefer. I do not claim that you should choose a destination which is budget-friendly and you do not enjoy being there, but I claim to choose a place which is a combination of both pleasure and inexpensiveness.


Well, well. The most important part of making a trip pleasant is transportation. Whether it is external or internal, transportation is essential. For your external travel, you should try to choose the best accommodation for your selected travel destination. For example, if you are living in France and want to travel to Italy, taking a train sounds like a good idea.

On the other hand, taking a train from Poland to Italy sounds a bit controversial. Here, my friend, your option of transportation should be flights. You can easily find the best sites on the internet to book a flight which is even offering many discounts. Coming to your internal transportation concerns, this may vary immensely depending on your travel destination, For example, in Europe, most countries offer cheap rental bikes, and they have the most amazing construction to ride them safely. Apart from that, public transportation – buses and trains are also quite affordable. However, in many cities, it can be really expensive. So, do your research before traveling.


You may already book your flight and hotel, arrange everything, and be ready to travel. However, you may not want to forget the most important issue in traveling to another country – formalities. You may want to visit a country that requires a visa from you, or you may need to renew your passport. There are too many possibilities which may prevent you from your travel. Therefore, having proper preparation beforehand will help you to avoid all these errors that might happen before, during, or after your travel. Our recommendation is to visit the official sites of embassies and reliable agents that may help you with all these formalities. But, to make your travel more budget-friendly, consider doing all these by yourself and do not spend money on third-parties. You could check visa requirements to anywhere in for free.


The most enjoyable part of being a student is – discounts. Even inside your country, you get a lot of discounts. Apart from that, lots of foreign digital companies – Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, Udemy, and many more offer discounts for university people. Remember we talked about the advantages and disadvantages of being a student above? Yes, exactly. Here, my friend, you get bonuses even traveling as a student. Most of the companies offer flight and train tickets for low prices for a certain time and only for students. Besides that, the hotels and the countries you are visiting have a lot to offer to students. You are in discount heaven!


Plan your stay well ahead of everything. You do not want to seem like a homeless person and spend your vacation at the train station, right? Do your planning! Choosing accommodation for the best prices and best location might seem like an easy task, but believe me, it is not. Honestly, it is one of the most difficult parts of your traveling. Besides, you may want to do your research and find a place to stay. One of the most hyped-up companies recently is Airbnb and if you want to visit Japan, consider staying capsule-hotels to make your trip inexpensive.

Tourist attractions

I believe traveling has two main goals – getting some rest and seeing beautiful places. As a student, you always want to experience new things, visit new places, and taste different things. Therefore, tourist attractions seem like a perfect idea. Make sure when you plan your travel destination and booking your place of stay, you pay attention to the tourists’ attractions and have a list for yourself, the best budget safari tour in Dubai is the desert safari.


Have a plan for emergencies, and plan your budget accordingly. Always consider the worst event that might happen. Therefore, having an emergency budget will make your travel way more pleasant and peaceful.


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