All You Need to Know About Preparing for a Backpacking Adventure

If you are looking at taking a nice adventure and backpacking through a region you have always wanted to see, there are a few things you need to consider before you make your way.

The backing can be a fun and inexpensive way of seeing places you have never seen, but it is also a limited way to travel and you want to make sure you have everything available to you, but also that you don’t pack 4 suitcases as if you were going on a vacation.

If you are embarking on a backpacking adventure you need to ensure that you take everything you need, not everything you want. IF you will be tenting it is incredibly important to have only the things you need, to reduce your physical strain when hitting the open road.

There are many things you can consider that will help keep you traveling lightly and reduce your costs on the way.

Here are some tips for preparing for your backpacking adventure.

Packing Smart and Light

When you are considering backpacking, it is important to make sure you are not overpacking and carrying added weight in your bag for unnecessary things.


A good rule is to take limited clothing and wash it along the way. Taking only what you can carry is incredibly difficult, and you will have a limited supply of clothing during your trip. Make sure you bring one warm outfit, and one cold outfit so that you will be prepared for any eventuality.


If you will be tenting while backpacking, you will want to make sure that you have at least one of two sweaters and thermal wear, to keep you warm on colder nights, depending on the climate you will be camping in. If your trip is truly one for the backcountry, clothing will not be your only essential item. You will want to make sure you take a lightweight warm sleeping bag so that you don’t get dragged down by the weight of blankets, leaving you no room for other essentials.


When you head out backpacking, chances are you will be transporting your shelter with you, or maybe staying in a hostel for a couple of nights when you reach new cities. Picking the right tent is one of the most important considerations when preparing for a trip, as you will suffer without the appropriate shelter and possibly succumb to the elements.

When choosing a tent make sure you are not choosing it for space. You are looking for a tent that is small and compact, easy to set up, and extremely low weight. If your tent weighs 50lbs, you need to consider if you are physically capable of hauling it or not. Try to find easy-to-set-up tents that have been manufactured specifically with reduced weight in mind.


Having the right tent will make all the difference for you, and keep you safe and well protected from the elements during your trip.

Camp Stove

Another of the larger items you take with you will be your camp stove. You want to get a camp stove, to prepare your food and even boil your water should you need to source it.

A camp stove is a must if you will not be in populated areas and if you will have limited access to food. The backpacking gurus at have compiled a list of great camp stoves for backpacking, and you will find many resources to help you plan your trip. When considering your camp stove, once again weight will be a consideration, as you will be carrying all items with you, and have limited availability to rest or ride to alleviate your weight burden.

Choosing the right equipment, and making sure what you carry will only benefit you rather than be a hindrance is of the utmost importance. While there are many considerations to make, such as the route you will take and what sights you want to see, when planning your trip you need to start with the basics and ensure the equipment and clothing you take with you is correct.

If you have packed appropriately there need not be an end to your adventure, and you will be able to see all the sights you have been dreaming of. If you don’t take the appropriate gear, you will find yourself struggling physically and mentally with your trip. Prepare yourself accordingly and make the most of your backpacking experience, your adventures are waiting!



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