5 Sites to See When You Are Vacationing in Dubai

Dubai: The City of Gold and Everything Nice!

The city ranks top of the list of the world’s most desired destinations. Whoever doesn’t dream of visiting Dubai should probably see a doctor. The city is a dream for both local and international tourists alike. A combination of the mystique and history of the vast Arabian Desert with the striking amenities offers more than meets the eye. Let’s call it a modern metropolis.

Dubai lies on the East coast of the Arabian Peninsula; South West of the Arabian Gulf. Dubai’s warm hospitality and profound cultural heritage are second to none. Besides, the Emirati people (occupants of the city), are similarly welcoming and generous when it comes to receiving visitors. The city boasts of year-round sunshine, breathtaking deserts, and catchy beaches. The high-end hotels and shopping malls are a guarantee to an ever thriving business community.

Each year, Dubai receives millions of leisure and business tourists from all corners of the world.

Now, there are many top attraction points in the Emirates. If you are planning on a visit anytime soon, then this will be an important read for you. I will tell you 5 of the best places to visit while in Dubai.

In as much as many cities have grown to challenge Dubai for jaw-dropping top attraction sites, Dubai is still miles ahead of most of these worthy challengers.

Take a look at our list of 5 of the best attraction sites in Dubai.

The Magnificent ‘Dhow Sail’ Marble Sculpture

The magnificent Dhow Sail is a marble sculpture which was designed to replicate the ancient Emirati Dhow Sail. It embodies the boat-like structure of the equally breathtaking Dubai Opera building. The ‘Dhow Sail’ marble sculpture is not only attractive to the eye but also acts as a resting point. The perfectly crafted piece of art creates a nice shade where tourists can take some cover from the scorching Dubai sun after a long walk.

The breathtaking 16-foot marble sculpture was unveiled in 2016. Marble is the main material from which the Dhow Sail was created.

Since its unveiling, the sculpture has been widely recognized for its ever-growing importance. Dhow Sail is a symbol of the rich cultural tradition of the Emirati people. Its nicely done paint job and other qualities boost the city’s physical appearance.

This should definitely be one of your first stops in case you are going to Dubai. Anybody who’s been there will testify to this!

The Burj Khalifa


Despite all the record-breaking sites and tourist attraction points unveiled recently and those that have been in existence, the effect of Burj Khalifa cannot be underestimated. Arguably Dubai’s most famous landmark, it is undoubtedly a must-visit during your trip to Dubai

The glorious Burj Khalifa tower is one of the most prominent attractions in the entire Middle-East. Its exceptional artwork is simply stunning; no wonder it has been dubbed as the Jewel of Dubai. During your visit to the City of Gold, you will have an opportunity to climb up to floor number 124, which is a perfect viewpoint. There, you’ll get a chance to view the city’s skyline and to the horizon. Is there any better way to begin sightseeing in Dubai?

Additionally, from this viewpoint, you can witness the Dubai Fountain show, and get mesmerized by the synchronized water spectacle. If you want a perfect spot for taking those memorable snaps during your trip, I’d advise you get up there. Thank me later!

Oh! And did I mention that this is the world’s tallest skyscraper? Yes, it is! The Burj Khalifa rises gracefully out of the sand, almost touching the sky.

If you have ever been to Dubai but never made it to the 163-floored building, then you haven’t been to Dubai. I mean this is the world’s highest man-made outdoor observatory.

Dubai Desert Conservation Centre

Dubai Desert Conservation Centre was made with a sole aim, to protect the plant and animal life of the Arabian deserts. It is a natural habitat for the plants and animals in the region. The conservation center also boasts of exotic migratory birds that often visit at different times of the year.

You will get a chance to be in close proximity with the falcons and enjoy camel rides, horse riding, archery to name but a few activities.

The Dubai Fountains

The great Dubai Fountains boasts of a capacity to spray 22,000 gallons of water in the hot air a time. This is the largest dancing fountain in the world. Dubai Fountains stand 902 feet long, continuously shooting water to the height of 500 feet. The water sprayed is illuminated by over 6,000 bright lights and 25 colored projectors.

There are daily performances each lasting up to 5 minutes. The songs and music that accompany the displays range from contemporary pop to classical. The enchanting Dubai Fountain is a must-watch for every traveler in the City of Gold.

Palm Islands Overview

The Palm Islands in Dubai are arguably the country’s boldest megaprojects ever taken. Sometimes it’s also referred to as the 8th wonder of the world. They are the largest artificial islands in the world. The Palm Islands owe their name to their artificially crafted palm tree shape. The islands were created from a land which was reclaimed. Fast forward years later, they are now a popular holiday destination thanks to their unique elegance and Dubai’s fast-paced tourist trade.

Three islands make up the Palm Islands in Dubai; these include Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira. As of date, the only Island that’s open to tourists is the Palm Jumeirah. Palm Jumeirah holds the renowned luxury Burj Al Arab hotel. Celebrities like David Beckham have likewise invested in residential property on the same Island.


There! Now you have it. These are just our selection of a few the hottest spots in Dubai for first-time tourists. There are many other famous spots you can always visit when on vacation in Dubai. These are places you could visit as a family, as a couple or even as a group of friends. You can be sure to have a nice when you visit these glorious spots in Dubai.


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