4 Things you must try Photographing in Dubai

4 Things you must try Photographing in Dubai

Are you planning your next travel to Dubai- the skyscraper paradise of the Middle East? If yes, then you would be definitely looking for some of the best places to try photography. I would recommend a few which I found very interesting.

1.Burj Khalifa

Your trip to Dubai will not be complete unless you visit Burj Khalifa. You would love it more if you are a passionate architecture photographer. The photograph of the world’s highest building can become one of the most fabulous photos in your portfolio, provided you know the right technique to photograph it.

If you are into long exposure photography, then you must try this place during late evenings and night. I assure you that you will not get disappointed. You will be able to create some breathtaking images from here.

For long exposures, I recommend you to put up your stay at a hotel where you can view the Burj Khalifa at some distance, along with the city traffic. Carry a tripod for doing long exposure photography.

If you want to know the right travel photography techniques, then you should definitely consider going through the best travel photography tips to ensure that you get the maximum out of your shots.

burj khalifa

2. Dubai Marina

If you want to include some boats, yachts, and water into your composition with the city of skyscrapers, then Dubai Marina is the location you should go to. It is a manmade canal city, and you must include this place if you are visiting Dubai.

3. Ras Al Khor

If you are interested in doing bird photography or nature photography, then Ras Al Khor is the place for you. You should plan your visit during the winter season, sometime between November to March to see the migratory birds. You can see Flamingoes in good numbers during this time.

Try to visit this place early morning or late evening, to photograph the beautiful birds in golden light. They also provide hide facility to put up your tripod and camera for photography. In this way, the birds will not get disturbed by your presence. So, don’t forget to carry your telephoto lens if you are interested in photographing birds.

4. Hatta Mountains

If you want to capture the desert life, then I recommend traveling to the Hatta mountains. This is also an excellent opportunity to photograph some desert landscapes. So, carry your camera filters also.

Do visit the Hatta Dam and village for some unique shots of the culture of Dubai. Take a Hatta Mountain Safari to explore the area. You can either go for a camel ride or get rent a vehicle. The best time to shoot will be during the mornings and late evening. There will be a lot of haze in the atmosphere during the midday and in the evening.

So, for your next Dubai visit, make sure that you include these four places so that you can come back with some good collection of images. If you blog your travel, then you can make use of these pictures to create your travelogue.

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