Tips on How to Travel in a Low Waste Way
low waste travel

Leave nothing but memories, take nothing but photos. We should take this travel mantra to heart. The last thing the world needs are travelers who leave behind trails of trash in their wake. That plastic bottle you leave behind might seem like a minor issue but in reality, those small pieces of trash can make serious repercussions to the environment.

Traveling in a low waste way is a must if you want to be a responsible person. Here’s how you can do just that.

Travel Light, Travel Smart

The key to a wasteless journey is to be smart about what you need to bring. This benefits not just the environment, but also your body too as you’ll be carrying less on your journey. Traveling light is easy but traveling smart requires a bit more planning than usual.

Instead of carrying dozens of snacks, keep it to a minimum. A good option would be to carry fruits instead of chips or sandwiches. This helps prevent the waste you create as the peels of the fruit are biodegradable. Moreover, they can take up less space in your bag because as compared to bags of chips, they aren’t filled with air.

Commit to Paperless Transactions

Paper receipts are a huge contributor to waste when it comes to traveling. You get them whenever you purchase something and these can pile up without you knowing. The good news is that you can opt to do paperless transactions instead which directs your receipt to your email or other connected account.

If it really can’t be helped, just make sure to properly dispose of all the receipts you get at the store.

Embrace Zero Waste Products

By the name itself, the main front of zero-waste products is that they don’t leave any traces behind. Everything from the product itself to the container degrades over time. This means even if you leave them behind, they won’t have a negative impact on the environment.

It’s particularly easy to find such products nowadays too. If you check over at Puratium, you can find all sorts of zero-waste goods such as shampoos, sunscreen, and more. Even if you take a bath outdoors, you won’t leave behind any disruptive wastes to the environment.

Invest in a Good Water Flask

You don’t have to carry bottles of water with you. Invest in a good water flask instead. Aside from being reusable, another benefit of a good water flask is that it keeps your drinks cold, warm or whatever you want to. A good water flask ranges from $50-$80 but it’s well worth it.

Try to find one that’s compact and easy to carry so it doesn’t cause any problems in your travels. A good flask will last you for years so don’t hesitate to buy one if you have the chance.

Zero-waste traveling is a lot easier than it seems. All you need is the right knowledge and the right stuff on your bag to ensure that your next trip doesn’t cause the environment any harm at all.

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