Best Barbecue Spots in Dubai
best barbecue places in dubai

Top Barbecue Spots in Dubai

Dubai is an Arabian peninsula that boasts of a perfect mix of ancient Arabic scenery and modern architecture. It comprises some places, which give off soothing Arabic vibes. And among these sites, several spots can leave barbeque lovers’ mouths water buckets.

The mesmerizing starry sky of Dubai is a characteristic of the Arabian Deserts and is indeed the best fit for a barbeque night. However, Dubai is not some town, and choosing the best place for setting up your barbeque can become quite a trouble, only if you are not well aware. So, to make things easier for you, we have done a survey and mentioned some of the best barbeque spots you can find in Dubai:

  1. Al Mamzar Beach Park

Barbeque and beach hold a special connection known only to barbeque lovers. The park situated alongside the Al Mamzar Corniche boasts of a gigantic, tree-lined landscape. Since it is a park, it includes playground facilities for children to pass their time while you set up for the barbeque.

  1. Dubai Creek Park

This park is one of the oldest parks in Dubai. You can enjoy the Creek, botanical gardens, and mini-golf. It also has playground facilities for children and a cable car service for getting the best view. Along with all these exciting amenities, you can bring your barbeque set and enjoy your favorite meat.

  1. Al Qudra Lake

If you want to enjoy your barbeque together with an eye-catching view of the lake, you can visit this site. It is an out-of-the-city desert facility that provides an excellent camping spot. You can spend quality time looking at the birds while enjoying a barbeque. However, you should be careful, as this site has its own set of rules for grilling, and failing to follow them can lead to a fine.

  1. Safa Park

When we talk about amazing barbeque places, we cannot ignore Safa Park. This park offers excellent aesthetic scenery and has other facilities like playgrounds for your children. You can also ride a bike or take a boat ride here. Most importantly, this place has dedicated barbeque grills in it, so you don’t need to bring your own barbeque set, just bring yourself and your meat.

  1. Hatta Hills Park

Located in the mountain town of Hatta, this park can serve as an excellent spot for having a BBQ Dubai desert safari Tour dinner. You can enjoy a stunning view of a town from above with rocks and a long-running track around you. It provides a spectacular environment for enjoying grilled meat.

Want to Try At-Home Barbecue?

While the barbecue spots above are great places to enjoy a night of grilling, you can also have a perfectly nice cookout in the comfort of your own home. You can do this indoors or outdoors; just make sure you have the right kind of grilling equipment.

When it comes to brands, Cookshack and Smokin Tex are two of the best names in the market. If you’re not sure which one to buy, there are sources comparing Smokin Tex and Cookshack grills to help you find the grill that suits your needs.

Final Words

Barbeque lovers know the value of enjoying outdoor grilling better than anyone and Dubai is the best place to have quality time with your loved ones