Top Choices for Urban Travel During the Pandemic

With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, people across the globe are trying to adjust to the new way of living. While it is difficult to adjust to the new norms, one of the hardest things to get used to is the new way of traveling across the city. Since most public transportation services are crowded and increase the chances of getting infected, you must avoid taking buses, metros, and trains as much as possible.

Here are some effective ways to travel around the city during the pandemic and avoid public contact.


Needless to say, cycling has always been a top choice among conscious commuters who constantly travel across the city for work and leisure. It not only reduces your carbon footprint but also helps you stay fit. Even though a good-quality bicycle can be expensive, this investment will bring a high ROI in the long run, making it worthwhile. If you don’t own a bicycle or do not have the luxury to buy one, check your local bike rentals and pay per hour. Biking is not only the safest option but also extremely convenient. A lot of metropolitan cities have dedicated bike lanes that make moving around easier. Furthermore, if you are bored staying inside the house, take your bike out for a spin but make sure that you are biking alone or with those who stay with you.


Commuting in your car is probably the safest and most convenient urban travel choice as it helps you maintain distance from others and gets you to your desired destination within no time. Make sure that your car is thoroughly sanitized, especially the parts that are frequently touched such as the steering wheel, handles, and gear stick. If you are traveling with others, everyone must wear a mask. Traveling in a car keeps you isolated and within a safe distance from others. If you are worried about the fuel costs, avoid traveling as much as you can or resort to other safe transportation modes such as bikes.

Electric Bikes or E-Scooters

If you do not have enough endurance to pedal your bicycle for long distances, consider getting an electric bike. It is one of the top choices among environment-conscious people and helps you get to your desired destination in less time. Since all folding electric bikes use rechargeable batteries, you can achieve a speed of 25 to 45 km per hour, which is quicker than traditional bikes. Also known as e-bikes, this tech innovation reduces cost and is energy efficient, thereby making it one of the top choices for urban travel. Since these bikes can be folded, they can be stored inside your home, which reduces the chances of theft. Several electric bikes and e-scooter rental services are popping up in major cities and you can rent one easily.

Car-Sharing Service

If you don’t own a car, you can hire a car-sharing service as it is safer than most modes of public transportation. However, consider this mode of transport only if you have to travel long distances and have no other option. When compared to trains and buses, car-sharing is safer but is still a bit risky. Cab services like Lyft and Uber are taking necessary precautions to avoid contact and practice social distancing between the passenger and driver even when riding in the same car. Firstly, the driver faces away from the passenger and the risk of getting infected is lower when both riders wear masks. Upon booking a cab, inquire whether the driver has thoroughly sanitized the seat and interiors of the vehicle to further lower the risk.


If you prefer walking and have enough time on your hands, there is no better way to explore your city. However, it may not be the best mode if you are in a hurry or want to travel long distances. Walking is preferable to complete small chores such as grocery shopping or visiting the pharmacy that is not too far from your place. Moreover, it gives you a much-needed change from your routine of staying indoors and getting some sun. Keep a distance of 6 feet when walking in a public area and wear a mask. You can still get your daily exercise by going on a walk by following the rules of social distancing and eliminating the risk of contracting the disease.

Consider these options to travel during the pandemic and practice social distancing. Try to avoid commuting via public transportation as much as you can. Modes such as metro, train, bus, quad bike safari, and light rail expose you to close contact with the sick and a lot of touched surfaces. Most importantly, wear a mask when you travel.



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