Various Adventure Tours In Dubai
Adventure tours in dubai

Adventure places To Visit In Dubai

Known for its mystical splendor, Dubai doesn’t fall short of adventures which will leave you breathless. The city is gifted with a natural landscape which supports adventure tourism. The facilities and infrastructural development have ensured that adventure tourism serves as a huge attraction. Dubai has a variety of adventure sports lined up for the venture hungry soul. You can choose from the following list: Desert Safaris, Mountain Climbing, Sky Diving, Scuba Diving, Water Surfing, Sailing, Snorkeling, Swimming, Go Karting, Wadi Bashing, and Dune Bashing.

Desert Safari Tours

Desert safari Dubai is by far the most enjoyable in Dubai. It takes you through the arid land in what seems like a roller coaster ride in a car. These safaris are mostly arranged in the afternoon such that the tourist can end a safari by seeing the sunset in the evening. In addition, most tour companies offer a sumptuous dinner along with a drive through the night desert. Mountain Climbing has been in practice from the 1970s. Since then the passion for it has increased. Mountain climbers have been discovering new areas in the hilly terrain through ardent trekking. The climbing wall in the Wafi pyramids has been attracting enthusiasts from all over the world. If you’ve never skydived before and want to try it, then an introductory Tandem Jump is what you should do in Dubai. The Tandem jump is the easiest and most fun way to experience the thrill of a skydive for first-timers. It can be done at the Umm Al Quwain aeroclub or the dream days which has unique drop zones in this part of the world like over the Palm Jumeirah.

Sea And Water Activities

The cool placid waters of the Arabian sea were once attractive to pearl divers, now it has become an excellent tourist attraction. The clear waters make it more inviting. Scuba Diving is one of the sought after Water Sports in Dubai. Scuba Diving can be done throughout the year in the crystal clear waters of Gulf untouched by pollution. Water depth ranges from 5 m to 30 m and exotic marine life, charming coral reefs and wrecks can be discovered just off the Jumeirah coastline. This makes the waterfront perfect for snorkeling. The Emirates Diving Federation, a non-profit organization provides tourists with diving gears and equipment and also take diving classes and demonstrations. Most hotels and clubs in Dubai have swimming in open pools, rooftop pools, and heated pools. Some of the hotels even have private beaches where you can enjoy natural swimming in the water of the Gulf. Sailing is another popular Water Sport since the conditions are almost perfect with minimum water currents in the Gulf. Amateur surfers can enjoy the water as well as desert safari deals.

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Indoor Fun Things To Do

Go Karting in Dubai is an activity adored by a huge number of tourists. Dubai is home to the Middle East’s first fully-equipped indoor go-kart facility at ‘Formula One’. Spread across 40,000 square feet, this air-conditioned area is the best place to go Karting in Dubai. Wadi and Dune bashing are almost similar. Wadis are dry riverbeds that follow the course of seasonal streams flowing through rocky valleys. Wadi bashing in Dubai is all about riding through wadis in a four-wheeler whereas dune bashing is done the same way through the sand dunes. Arabian adventure tours can e arranged by agencies with prior or on the spot booking.

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