What To Give A Gun Enthusiast In Dubai

Dubai lives up to its name as the “City of Gold” as they become the home for millionaires and billionaires who live a luxurious lifestyle, so it’s no wonder that mixed envy and awe are the typical reactions upon mentioning the country.

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However, not all people may know that those Emirati nationals were granted to enjoy more freedom as they were permitted to carry their guns for personal safety. Although, they’re still restricted from equipping the weapon with limited ammunition.

I’d like to surprise a gun enthusiast, but I don’t know-how.

We know it could be challenging to brainstorm gift ideas for a gun enthusiast, but it doesn’t have to be as long as you know that a budget thermal scope is available to you.

There’s a great chance that hunting becomes apparent to be one of their preferred hobbies if you know someone interested in guns. And what else is perfect than giving them a thermal scope?

What it brings to the table

Thermal scopes are used for detecting infrared light through the produced heat by the object or person. What makes it beneficial for hunters is that they could stalk their prey even at nightfall, thus avoiding accidents.

A fine example of an affordable but durable thermal scope would be the ATN ThOR-HD 1.5-15x 25 mm Thermal Imaging Rifle Scopes.

This unit prides itself on its 640×480 sensor and the recently established thermal framing technology, which helps the user lock their target easily.

It also featured a 1.5-15x magnification in its digital night vision scope with a 25 mm objective lens in diameter.

As if that wasn’t already revolutionary, this piece has an ATN digital thermal optic, which they further took to the next level through including wifi and GPS in improved detection, recognition, and identification of targets despite being in low light scenarios.

Apart from the above benefits, the unit portrayed an advanced recording ability that can capture shots without pressing the button. Moreover, a profile manager feature exists within the product, allowing it to save the shooter’s zeroing-in data inside the shooting range, followed by an integrated gyroscope that’s responsible for smoothing and stabilizing the images you’re taking.

With a 50 Hz refresh rate, 65mm eye relief, and a viewing angle of 19 to 24 degrees, your gun enthusiast friend or family would give you their tightest “thank you” hug.

Did you know that you could even mount this device at a standard Picatinny system rail? Plus, the optic could last for eight hours, given that it has 4 AA batteries to satisfy your thirst for shooting.

Yet, if you’re looking for a lightweight thermal scope, the AGM Global Vision Secutor TS25-384 might be your thing.

Compared to the first one, this unit can operate for a whole day regardless of the adverse weather conditions. This is because it was constructed using high-grade materials to guarantee that it’ll be weatherproof, compact, and durable.

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It even comes with three objective lens modifications, so you’ll have the privilege to choose among the 25mm lens, 50mm lens, and 75mm lens.

The 25mm lens is suitable for short-range shooting, while the 50mm lens would give you an upper hand for medium-range assignments. And the powerful 75mm lens, on the other hand, could give you an advantage when dealing with long-range missions.

If you suspect that you’ll be tackling continuous work, this device got your back as it is powered by two CR123 batteries, allowing it to run for up to 5 hours. But if you decide that it wasn’t enough, you have the option to avail the external 5V battery pack to increase the lifespan of the scope for a maximum of 44 hours.


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