Why Nigerians Peoples Love Travelling to Dubai
nigerians love to travel dubai

Traveling To Dubai, Best Guide For Nigerians

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If there’s one trend that has been growing in Nigeria over the past decade, it is that Dubai has become a top destination for many Nigerians. It is now commonplace for many Nigerians, especially the ones that are going on vacation outside the continent for the first time to choose Dubai as the place to visit.

We’ll be exploring a few reasons why Nigerians have found love with Dubai despite the fact that many of them have for many years strictly gone on interstate vacations majorly through domestic airlines like Dana Air

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Burj Khalifa

This iconic building was erected as part of many activities to improve Dubai’s global recognition. The skyscraper which is the tallest in the world was inaugurated in 2010. Construction of the Burj Khalifa began in 2004 and ended in 2010. The building stands at a total height of 829.8 m (2,722 ft) and a roof height (excluding antenna) of 828 m (2,717 ft). Apart from being the tallest building in the world, the building also holds the record for having the longest distance elevators and the highest restaurant in the world just to mention a few.

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It is commonplace for many Nigerians that travel to Dubai to take pictures close to this building. Many even take the pictures from clever angles to make it seem as though they’re as tall as the building itself.

Delicious Cuisine

A big reason why many people go on vacation in other countries is to experience a new culture. Food is definitely a big part of a culture and visitors tend to try the food of the places they’re visiting. The relationship Nigerians that travel to Dubai have with the food in Dubai is no different. From cuisines like Al Harees to Shawarma to Al Machboos, Nigerians love to eat it all.


Dubai Desert Safari

Nigerians love the desert safari. The men dress up in the traditional thawb to explore the desert in the city and also take lovely pictures. Being that Nigeria is a sub-Saharan country in West Africa without any dessert, it fascinates many Nigerians to spend time out in the desert and see how beautiful it is. It’s even more intriguing to watch the sunset while in the desert. If you’re coming to Dubai soon, you can take a look at some of our desert safari packages.

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Dubai Museum

When exploring a city, it’s almost customary to visit the museum if there is one available. For Nigerian tourists, going to the Dubai museum to learn about the emirate especially before the oil boom and also taking a look at some of the artifacts from Africa and Asia that Dubai traded with these continents is usually something that they look forward to.

Awesome shopping experience

Every lady will agree with this one. Dubai being a mega city has attracted a lot of malls that sell some of the best products in the world. Even though men love to purchase a couple of things from Dubai, women are the ones that really take advantage of the shops. Every time a woman goes to Dubai from Nigeria, she’s sure to come back with some exotic clothes and bags.


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