Why should you buy jewelry from Dubai?

There isn’t a better place to buy jewelry than Dubai. There is a reason why it is known as the “City of Gold”. People from all across the world visit Dubai for the sole purpose of buying the highest quality gold and diamond jewelry. The reason is, the price of jewelry is relatively lower than the rest of the world. There is an entire Souq dedicated to the trade of gold.

If you are looking for gold or diamonds in their purest form, you don’t need to go anywhere else. You will find the best gold and diamond jewelry in the UAE. When it comes to the variety of jewelry, Dubai has no match. Almost all brands are available, including some of the best like Fergus James, Tiffany, or Cartier. Strict inspection protocols ensure that you get nothing but the best in terms of quality and price.

If you are still confused, whether or not to buy gold jewelry from Dubai, keep on reading. We are going to give you the best reasons to buy your jewelry from Dubai.

Reasons to buy jewelry from Dubai

There are various reasons why Dubai should be your first choice when it comes to buying gold or diamond jewelry.

Some of them include:

Quality you can trust

We all know how expensive gold and diamond jewelry is. Since you will be spending a pretty penny on your jewelry, you should make sure you are buying the highest quality items. Dubai is known for its strict quality control. The markets are highly regulated and the quality is extensively checked to ensure the customers only get high-quality jewels and gemstones. That is why people prefer Dubai when it comes to buying genuine gold and diamond jewelry.

If you are looking for jewelry with a high resale value, you should trust the UAE gold market for genuine jewelry.

Cheaper prices

The Middle East is the source of the purest quality ornamental metals and gemstones. Therefore, if you are looking to buy gold and diamond jewelry that suits your pocket, you should always visit Dubai. These highly regulated gold markets sell jewelry at comparatively lower rates than the rest of the world.

The raw materials such as gold bars and TT are available without any import duty. However, if you are buying jewelry, you have to pay 5% as a duty. People who are buying gold jewelry are also required to pay another 5% as VAT. But this amount can easily be reclaimed at the UAE airport. The lowest import duty makes Dubai the cheapest country to buy jewelry.

Rarest variety & designs

Dubai provides you with the most unique variety of designs. This is another reason why people choose Dubai over any other place to buy the purest jewelry. Since there is no import duty tax on the TT and gold bars, the most unique designs from all across the world are imported to Dubai. Some of the countries where gold and jewelry are imported from include:

  •         India
  •         Malaysia
  •         Singapore
  •         Bahrain
  •         Italy
  •         Turkey

The regular municipality inspections keep the quality and purity of jewelry in check. It makes sure the quality of the jewelry imported is high and unparalleled.

Easy bargain

Unlike any other jewelry market in the world, the prices of jewelry in Dubai can be bargained. Shopkeepers will often quote a high price to tourists and there’s a huge margin for bargain. They believe by reducing the prices they can keep their customers coming to them.

Thus, if you are planning to buy gold or diamond jewelry as a gift for your loved one, it is recommended that you bargain with the shopkeepers. They will sell their jewelry at a price that they think is fair.

For example, a Gold bracelet of $1,000 can be bought for around $850 and the same goes for diamond rings.

Wrapping up!

Gold, diamond, and other forms of jewelry are an investment of a lifetime. If you want to buy purest and the highest quality jewelry, your first preference should be the gold markets in Dubai. These markets offer the purest, cheapest, and the high-quality jewelry or raw material in the world.

Dubai is known for its strict quality control and there are regular checkups to ensure the metal purity. This ensures the customers only get high-quality gold jewelry that they can wear with pride in any part of the world .

If you want to buy gold or diamond jewelry, you should always consider Dubai as your first preference. The quality of the jewelry is unmatched and because of the various factors such as price, purity, and design variety; it makes a perfect choice for choosing how best to spend your money on gold and diamonds!

The variety of designs is also impeccable. People from all across the world come to Dubai in search of the highest quality jewelry that fits their budget. Visit Dubai if you are looking for jewelry with the highest resale value.


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