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Dune Bashing is a popular desert adventure in Dubai, in which a skilled driver will hit the dunes in a sports utility vehicle (SUV) at varying speeds. Dune bashing is offered as part of a desert safari or standalone package. Among all the desert adventures, dune bashing is the most exciting activity.

Dune bashing is an adrenaline-pumping venture in every sense. As the car climbs up a dune at accelerated speeds and drops suddenly, you will give cheers of delight. Enjoy the mad fall from the huge dunes. The breathtaking drive blowing out a lot of sand usually lasts up to 1 Hour.

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a skilled driver performing dune bashing in the desert

Assume breaks between the ride as the driver needs to control the tire’s pressure in between. The pressure is reduced to enable maximum traction against the sand. Take a group of friends or go with your family to have maximum fun.

Dune Bashing is a great choice for your weekends. It will be a refreshing adventure that will help you eliminate all your stress. Desert has something for people of all ages. Dune bashing is more spine-tingling than any of the roller-coaster rides out there. If you don’t believe it, go for it and see how you feel. With rising dunes and impressive sand valleys, Dubai’s Dune Bashing Tour is famous among fans of adventure and adrenaline. Dune bashing is a fantastic way to explore the Red Sand Deserts of Lahbab and Al Avir. A desert safari in Dubai or an overnight stay at the Arabian Nights Village also includes a short 10 minutes Dune Bashing experience. Dune bashing activities often also feature camel rides, sandboarding, henna painting, trying on traditional clothing, falcon and sometimes Saluki (desert hunting dog) shows, and belly-dancing shows.

What’s Included in The Dune bashing

  • Join the thrilling adventure of a dune drive along the famous red sands onboard a comfortable 4WD vehicle and enjoy fun-filled activities like sandboarding and a quad bike at an extra charge.
  • The duration of this activity is 2-3 hours.
  • Refreshments are included in the Dune Bashing Dubai package.
  • Pick up and drop off from the hotel will be provided in a 4X4 vehicle.

Whether it’s childhood tales of Arabian nights, mesmerizing sunset views, desert camping, or exhilarating dune drives, these activities can only be felt by being in the comfort of a smartly optimized plan through which you can spend an entire day comfortably amidst the golden sands of Lahbab desert without scratching your travel bum.

Embark on a thrilling journey of a dune drive around the famous red sands in a comfy 4WD vehicle with this Dune Bashing in Dubai and feel the adrenaline pour through your veins. This guided excursion will begin with exhilarating activities like as quad bike rides, sandboarding (both at an additional charge), photoshoots, or camel rides to explore the matchless elegance of golden sands in the magnificent Lahbab desert. Prepare to be wowed by breathtaking sunset vistas and panoramic views of the desert landscapes from the desert’s highest peaks after your stopover.

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